With the passage of time and kilometers, our cars get dirty and accumulate waste that worsens their appearance. On the body, tires , wiper rubbers, moldings ... we would find substances such as fuel, insects, dust, exhaust soot, tar, traces of grease or oil. Conventional soap may not be enough to remove all of that, and so-called star products are often not enough. The solution? Active foam. Take note!


For a proper car cleaning, active foam is a good resource to remove most of the adhered residues. It is a highly concentrated product, with high foaming power, biodegradable and with a Ph that respects the materials of the car . It is composed of anionic surfactants and preservatives, but has neither solvents nor alkalis.

The active foam is responsible for removing dirt through chemical processes, without rubbing, but it must be left to act for about 5 minutes or until the dirt has fallen due to the effect of gravity and the action of the foam. Little by little, the remains will be deposited on the ground, and the rest can be removed with water.


To apply the active foam the car has to be dry, otherwise the foam would lose effectiveness by working less time on the same surface . Also keep in mind that certain products such as wax, sealant or " quick detail " can repel active foam as a liquid substance. The best results are achieved with a high-pressure machine, car wash or the like, since they apply the product at high pressure. Look here for additional insights: Best foam cannon

These two steps (lather and rinse) are not sufficient for a deep and lasting cleaning, it would be necessary to give a wax layer afterwards, and then a bath of osmotic water to eliminate watermarks or “drips” and prevent the subsequent accumulation of powder.

The frequency of washing also matters. If the car cleaning is done monthly, the active foam is not enough to remove all the remains. If it is done once a week and the vehicle does not get dirty more than normal, it may suffice. It is important to rinse the foam with plenty of water to remove any residue , it should not be left to dry on its own.


The use of active foam contributes in the long term to preserving the bodywork and exterior elements as they left the factory. On the other hand, scratches are less likely to occur, even those that are too small to see, since it avoids having to rub.


To achieve a very durable and professional result in car cleaning, it is better to delegate to detailing professionals, although this option is not economical and makes more sense in very expensive , exclusive or collectible cars .

Once we have the car clean and we have applied protective layers it will still be necessary to wash it from time to time, but the accumulation of dirt will be less because it will tend less to adhere. If we want a more professional result, we must apply hydrophobic products , such as glass treatment, which improve visibility very noticeably when it rains.

Finally, it should be remembered that a vehicle cannot be cleaned on public roads (art. 4.2 of the RGC), since it can harm road safety and it is necessary to have a water recycling system to avoid damage to the environment. The sanction depends on the municipality, it can be only 30 euros, or it can be 3,000. Better in an area specially designed for it, where you don't have to worry about getting the products nor do you need to have any special machine.